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10 Important Steps to Building an Epic Brand

What every small business owner needs to know BEFORE getting a logo, business cards, or website created.


But before we go further...

Here’s a typical story of frustration that I see happen over and over:

First, you get off to a good start...

  • You get a great brand identity designed for your business.

    This includes your logo, official brand colors, brand fonts, and a Brand Style Guide to define exactly what it should look like across all elements of your brand. 

  • You get some business cards designed as well.

    Your cards include your phone number, email address, and a brief description of your services. You plan on waiting until you are making a steady profit before you get a website built, so you put this on the back-burner for now.

  • You start handing out business cards. To everyone.

    You drive around and hand them out to other businesses who could use your services. You make sure any chance encounter with another business owner or potential customer ends with your card in their hand.

  • Business begins to trickle in and you begin thinking about getting a website built.

    You also learn that when you register your website URL, you can now set up a custom business email like you@yourbusiness.com instead of the free email address you were using. You're beginning to look professional...

But here’s an issue you didn’t think of...

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What do you do about all those business cards you handed out that don’t have your new website URL or business email on them?

Now you've got yourself a couple problems...

  • Number - Circle-01B

    All those people who have your business card don’t know you have a brand new website.

    Your business cards say nothing about a website, and your potential customers don’t know you have a new website unless they actively search for it.

    In the meantime, they have been doing a little comparing between your competitors in your industry, and they all have websites explaining what they offer...

  • Number - Circle-02

    Even if they do choose to contact you, they will use the old email address on your business card.

    Of course that old email address can be forwarded to your new email address, but that free gmail or hotmail address you were using looks nowhere near as professional as your new business email.

  • Number - Circle-03

    And what do you do with all the business cards you still have left to hand out?

    All those old cards are now outdated, and what if you have 200 cards left, or 500!

    And, now you need to get brand new cards printed with your website URL and business email address on them.

How do you avoid this situation???

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We've Been Here Before!

This is a classic conundrum I’ve seen over and over again in my graphic design business.

The problem: You can't afford the website yet but you want the website URL and business email on the business cards.

So how do you solve this riddle without risking a lot of money up front on a website, while also not printing a bunch of business cards that won’t be needed?

Good news, my friend...

What you need is to know the specific order of steps to building a brand, while using a special tool that neatly solves this conundrum.

We’ve been using this method for our clients here at Bucksaw Creative, and I’ve created a short guide that explains exactly what you need to do.


10 Important & Specific Steps

Before you start on your logo, this short guide will lay out the exact order of steps to build your brand, and how to use the special tool.

  • The steps are simple, and easy for any new business owner to understand.

  • Save yourself time, money, and frustration down the road.

  • These steps can be followed no matter who you hire to create your branding, business cards, and website!

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