7 Things That Make A Brand Identity Rock Solid




Prepare for the future.


When you have a brand identity created for your business, you want it to be rock solid and thought out so that it works just as well down the road when you aren’t a small business anymore.


Not only are you preparing for the future, you also get to start out with a brand that makes your business look bigger than it is initially. This inspires confidence in yourself, and trust from your customers or clients.




Clear Concept

Everything about the brand should fit together. Colours and shapes shouldn’t be arbitrarily chosen just because they look pretty. Everything should be planned out and each element carefully crafted to bring the brand together as a whole.


A Name That Lends Itself To Visuals

This isn’t 100% necessary, as many businesses are named after people, places, or are acronyms, and great brand identities can still be created. However, if you are starting a business from scratch, this is the perfect time to come up with a name that will lend itself to corresponding visuals.  


A name like Raven’s Landing for a real estate project is perfect for bird silhouettes in the logo and as large graphics on walls.


Solid Logo

The logo should make perfect sense. When you read the business name within the logo and look at the logo as a whole, they should go together like tacos & tuesdays. This can mean block letters for a construction company, or thinner, cursive lines for a whimsical restaurant name.


Icon or Symbol

Not every brand needs an icon. Some logos are wordmarks like Netflix and look great on their own. However, many logos have a symbol that is part of the logo itself, or a standalone shape that reoccurs throughout the brand. A symbol is like a little brother to the logo and goes a long ways in applying the brand in all kinds of areas.


Some applications for a brand symbol are:

  • Storefront windows
  • Wall graphics
  • Branded items like bottles, coasters, buttons, etc.
  • Corners of stationary
  • Any surface that feels empty and just needs a little hint of the brand


Colour Theme

A brand with a consistent colour theme provides an easy way to glue everything together by simply applying the official brand colour.


A fundamental rule to design is that less is more. This is especially true of colours; choosing just one or maybe two colours and matching them with non-colours like black, white, and gray will always look sharp.


Deliberate Tone & Feel

This means the look of your brand is tailored towards your target market. Regardless of whether you as the business owner prefer pink or blue, you have to lay aside some of your personal preferences and think about who your brand is intended for.


If the business is a construction company you may want to use bold shapes and one solid colour throughout the branding. If the brand is for a high-end restaurant then perhaps dark colours and subtle elements will be appropriate.



A great way to sum up what your business is about and what it stands for. Taglines should be short, clear, and concise.



If you follow through on all these points you are sure to have a winning brand identity that will last you for the lifetime of your business. It will look great from day one and still be relevant many years later when you have expanded into a full scale enterprise.


A good brand identity is the foundation to success.


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