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A Design & Marketing Agency for Construction Contractors

by a Carpenter-Turned-Designer


Hey I'm Clark Aaron and I'm a Blue-Collar Graphic Designer

Before I started my career in graphic & web design, you would have found me on the jobsite wearing my tool belt and wielding an air nailer. However, I've exchanged my clawhammer for a Macbook and a mouse.

It's a bit of a story...


A Little About me

  • I used to run my own small construction business.

  • I’ve had more than enough coffee breaks under a sheet of plywood in the rain.

  • I have my Red Seal in carpentry, which is a certification in Canada. I still have it mounted on my office wall.

  • I kick-started my design career by going all in on a 2 year design course and graduated with a 4.19 GPA and an Outstanding Achievement award.

  • I’m darn good at using a circular saw as a handheld wood planer.

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Why I Started Bucksaw Creative

Back when I was bangin’ nails, I ran out of work during the 2008 recession. I had no branding, no website, no marketing, and no way to find new customers. That dream died hard, and caused me to question where I really wanted to go in life.

I decided to pursue my creative side, so I pulled a hard left and went to school for graphic & web design. This has been the best decision of my life.

I’ve built brands for lots of different businesses, but whenever a tradesman or construction business owner comes to me, I always see a little of my old self in their ambitions.

I decided to start a design agency that focuses on creating brands, websites, and marketing exclusively for construction businesses and help them succeed.

It’s my way of paying myself back.

Who We Are Now

We're a small team of experts that each specializes in a skill. Our collective expertise is the mastermind behind Bucksaw Creative.

Experts In Branding for Contractors

We know how to build trust with your customers by making your business look bold & professional.

Experts In Websites for Contractors

Contractor websites are notorious for terrible design. We'll make sure your website is the exception.

Experts In Marketing for Contractors

Branding & websites are nice, but you need your customers to see it, and you need your phone to ring.

I once hired a marketing agency and they failed miserably...

Before Bucksaw, I tried starting a site plan rendering company. (Site plans are Photoshop paintings of proposed building sites) I hired a local marketing agency and gave them the reins.

Six month later, without a single service sold, I had to tell them there was no money left in the bank and I was pulling the plug. Their response was “well you signed on for a full year but given your circumstances we’ll allow you to cancel the contract only this once.” Wow thanks..

Now I offer marketing services myself, but I will never, ever let this happen to you if I can help it. The One Big Thing my marketing team and I care about is RESULTS. At the end of the day, the return on your investment is the only thing that matters.


Websites & Branding for Contractors & Tradesmen