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Blue-Collar Design Club

Make your branding look sharp as tacks with some free


Design Tips

from a blue-collar graphic designer

What is the Blue-Collar Design Club?

Simple but super effective tips on how to create a brand identity for your business!

  • Logos

  • Business Cards

  • Branded Apparel

  • Signage

  • Vehicle Decals

  • DIY Website Design

  • Defining Your Brand

  • DIY Software Options

  • Option A: Design It Yourself

  • Option B: Outsource The Work

Learn How To Create Branding Like This

Building a beautiful brand doesn't have to be magical rocket science.


All the DIY tools you need are on the Internet. Let me show you which ones are the easiest to use and the most effective.

Free Resource List

Your subscription includes a free download you can keep forever.

  • 29 useful resources for creating your own logo, business cards, signage, branded apparel, vehicle decals, & DIY website.

  • PDF file with live links to everything.

  • Stop researching and start creating! 

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Blue-Collar Graphic Designer?

Dang rights

My name is Clark and I have been a carpenter, mechanic, cowboy, and ran my own construction business.


Long story, but I'm now a graphic designer and most of my clients are small business owners like myself. It's my mission to help people get their own businesses off the ground through great logos and eye-catching branding.


Never let go of those roots.

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What's My Purpose?

I get a lot of guys asking me if I can create a logo, business cards, and website for their new business that they're starting.

The problem is, they are often on a tight budget because they're starting out, and they can't afford to pay full price.


I am creating a DIY solution where I teach people how to create their own branding. I am giving away my knowledge for free in exchange for your input on how I can provide the best solution for you!

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