How do I use Google ads to market my construction contractor business?




It takes your construction business to the next level.


It’s true that most of your work comes from word of mouth, but you always want to be attracting new work to fill in the times when your regular sources get slow.


Your circle of contacts, customers and contractors, and other framers, hire and recommend you because they know you and know you do good work. But how do you find new customers and why would they choose you out of all the construction businesses in the area?


First impressions count. One very effective and cost effective way of getting your name out there is to display your business name and logo on the side of your truck or trailer. For someone driving past with plans for their new house on their mind, it’s the first visual introduction before they’ve even met you. It may be enough for them to take down your number and phone you later.


Or if they didn’t have time to record your number, they will at least remember your business name. These days almost everything can be found by searching the internet, so you want to be searchable.


You might not think a website is the sort of thing needed by a blue-collar construction business, but in this day and age people are more likely to turn to their laptop or smartphone to find the answers they need. This includes people who need carpentry work done on their place or a new house built.


A simple, clean website describing what you do, with strong branding and images will leave a solid first impression. It shows you have established yourself as a business and builds trust with the viewer. They will be more inclined to pick up the phone and dial the number on the contact page if they’re already liking what they’re seeing before they’ve even met you.


Even established contractors and property developers are likely to be looked up online. People like to know who they are dealing with before they invest large sums of money. An online presence is more important today than ever.


This is why a rebrand for an established construction business can be beneficial. If their branding, logo, and website look dated, potential clients may wonder if they are still current with today’s construction standards. A refreshed look shows they are caught up and moving forward.


Where construction branding can be applied:


Depending on the size and complexity of the business, not all of these areas may be necessary but here are a few ideas.


Vehicle Graphics. Logos and contact info on the sides of trucks or trailers. Even full vehicle wraps with graphics and images.


Business Cards. Thick ones. With your professional logo on them. Not the sort of thing to be thrown away.


Website. It’s your online presence and that important first impression. Be searchable.


Other Graphics. Trade show booths, brochures, a sign with your logo to display at the jobsite.


A solid brand identity gives new construction businesses that needed professional look, and helps established businesses show they are still ahead of the game and moving forward.


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