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The Contractor’s Guide to Websites & Branding

Here's What's Inside:

  • What you need to make your branding stand out from 90% of all other construction contractors.

  • What website platforms to avoid when getting a website built.

  • Why you should use Webflow instead of any other website platform.


We’ll show you how to get a website built that is:

  • Super easy to add new project photos and descriptions.

  • Dead simple to add new customer testimonials.

  • Edit any headline or paragraph yourself without breaking anything.

  • Looks amazing on every screen size.

  • Loads with blazing fast speed.

Client Testimonials


Cam Klassen

Steadfast Concrete

”Professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value. Clark crushes it!"


Nelson Penner

609 Farms

”Excellent company to work with. Friendly and professional. High level of artistic talent blended with great graphic skills. All with out breaking the bank. 5 star"


Josh Reimer

One-Time Fencing

”We are grateful for all the great work you did for us. Definitely the go-to guy for design.”

Clark Aaron Giesbrecht - Tall

A Little About Us

My name is Clark Aaron and I worked in construction for over a decade before switching over to graphic design.

Now I run a design agency called Bucksaw Creative with a small team of talented designers & web developers.

Clark Aaron

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