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The DIY Guide to Branding
for the Professional Tradesman

A Graphic Design Resource for the Blue-Collar Businessman

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Thinking Of Starting Your Own Business?

Or maybe you already have, but you're looking to level up with some professional branding.

This DIY Guide is written for the small business owner on a budget, with everything you need to create your own brand.

Design your own business branding

Build Your Own Brand

Everything you need

You can definitely design your own brand. You just need to be shown the fundamental basics of design, how to apply them to specific items, what tools to use, and where to get these things printed or created.


This DIY Guide will help you create a professional logo & brand, business cards, vehicle decals, and more, plus build your own website.


Click on the images below to see examples of brand identities that you could create using this guide.

Create Your Own Logo

Got some great ideas for your logo but don't know how to go about creating the real thing? Or maybe you don't even know where to start?


In this guide you will learn:

  • The basic principles of logo design.
  • Do's & Don't's with plenty of examples.
  • What free or affordable software to use.
  • Alternatively, how to outsource the work.
  • What file types you need.


Your logo is the flagship of your business. Make it good.

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Design Your Own Business Cards, Signage, & Branded Apparel

Build out your new brand by applying your logo to a variety of items. Learn how to:

  • Design your own business cards, using online card design tools and templates.
  • Online resources for designing your own signs and having them shipped to you.
  • Best and most affordable resources for having branded apparel made.


Make your business official!

Design Your Own Vehicle Decals

It's easier than you think! Transform your truck, van, or trailer into the company vehicle.


  • Learn about the different options for DIY vehicle decals.
  • Learn the basic principles of good decal design.
  • Do's & Don't's with plenty of examples.
  • Resources for decal printers, with online decal design tools.


Drive traffic to your website!


Build Your Own Website

Yes, you can easily build your own website. No you don't need to know anything about web design or technical stuff.


  • Learn how to use a cutting-edge drag & drop website builder that is highly advanced but easy to use.
  • Browse categories of professionally designed templates. Just swap out your logo, images, and text.
  • Everything is customizable: drag, add, and delete any element on your website.


Get online. These days people turn to their smartphones to search for businesses and solutions.

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What If I'm Terrible At Design?

Not a problem at all! This guide has an entire module dedicated to outsourcing your design work.


Outsourcing is just a fancy word for hiring someone, but specifically hiring an affordable designer using a freelancing website.

Is this safe? Yes, if you know what you're doing. This guide will show you all the tricks & tips to find a high quality designer without any issues.


Get your logo designed for a fraction of what it would normally cost.

  • Zero Design Skill Required

    This guide is set up for the non-designer. You will learn some strong concepts that if followed will produce great design.

  • Learn Graphic Design Basics

    Learn the basic principles of design that will allow you to confidently create your own design, or direct your designer with authority.

  • Create A Brand Identity

    Construct yourself a brand identity that you can apply to everything in your business. Keep it all visually glued together.

  • Build Your Own Website

    You can definitely do this. Learn how to use a cutting edge drag & drop website builder to create a professional looking website.

  • Design-It-Yourself

    Learn how to use free or affordable software to create your own logo, business cards, decals, etc.

  • Outsource The Work

    If you have zero interest in doing the work yourself, learn how to outsource it to talented designers at very affordable prices.

Guide Content

The Guide is divided into modules, each with detailed explanations, lots of examples, and plenty of resources.

Click on a module below for a popup with more information.

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Who This Guide Is For




Industrial Services



Crane Operators







Concrete Finishers

Steel Workers

Yard Maintinence


Building Siders







Furniture Makers



Finish Carpenters

Cabinet Makers


Tile Setters


Why This Guide Was Created

Instead of doing projects for large businesses that only enable them to get larger, my focus is on helping smaller businesses get off the ground. I remember the struggle during my years as a self-employed carpenter before I switched to my current career as a graphic designer. You can read my story here.


The conundrum is that although these new businesses need a professional brand identity the most, they also have the tightest budget.


This guide is my version of the solution: a complete DIY guide that shows a new business owner how to create all the necessary branding and other items themselves using established principles of design, at minimal cost, so that their new business looks it’s best from the very beginning.

How This Guide Works

It’s an online course with text and images, including lots of links and plenty of branding examples.


Why online?

  • It can and will be updated with new information.
  • There are plenty of handy links to resources.
  • If it were a downloadable eBook or PDF, you would read it on your computer anyway.


But I want a physical book.


Are there videos?

  • No. Graphic design is best presented in static images, but Jordan Peterson has some great videos.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this guide specifically for blue-collar business owners?

The Guide is written by myself, a former carpenter, as speaking to any other tradesman or business owner. There is no unnecessary fluff or designer-speak to confuse or impress you. 


The modules all focus on all things that a tradesman or similar business would need. There are no unnecessary sections that spend a lot of time covering information that your type of business would never find useful. I have found that many of the books and information on the Internet are focused on branding large corporations, blogs, online businesses, and such.


All the examples of logos, brand identities, business cards, and other designs are all of blue-collar or artisan businesses. You won't find any baby clothes branding, Internet start-up branding, or any other irrelevant examples.

Is this guide useful for any other kind of business?

Yes, this guide could be used to brand most small businesses.


All the principles of design taught in this guide apply to any branding project. All the resources listed can be used to create the design components needed for any small businesses, such as a logo, business cards, website, etc. 


If you need all the material taught in this guide for your own business (blue-collar or not) there is no reason this guide won't deliver exactly what is described on this website.

Will I need to pay for any of the resourcess & services listed in this guide?

Some resources are paid, and some are free. It depends what you need and what you want to spend.


Some design software is free, others have more features and charge a small fee.

Any design service is paid of course, but they are all very affordable.


You can expect to pay for things like

  • Business Cards 
  • Signage 
  • Domain Name - $20-$30/year
  • Custom Email Addresses - About $50/year
  • Website Hosting - About $120/year

Is this guide worth it's price?

Look at it this way: when clients come to me and ask for all the same design services, I charge upwards of $2000-$3000 minimum for all the information in this guide. These are clients who can afford this.


However, the purpose of this guide is to make it possible for guys to get their new businesses off the ground, and not be outdone by larger, well-established competition who can afford premium design services.

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Did You Know

It has never been a better time to be in the trades industry. More and more young people (millennials) are seeking jobs and careers in the corporate world, leaving an ever increasing shortage of skilled tradesmen. As older tradesmen move towards retirement, this shortage becomes even worse.


This has opened up a fantastic opportunity for young, aspiring blue-collar guys to start their own businesses, as their services will be increasingly in demand. They will be able to charge what they're worth, instead of undercutting their prices just to get work.


Stop dreaming of owning your own business. Man up and get on it.

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