High-Quality, Agency-Level Branding at a Fraction Of The Cost!

Logo - Business Cards - Website Package

Do You Need A Logo, Business Cards, or Website?

Are you way too busy to spend time researching a bunch of design agencies and freelancers who all want to ask a ton of questions before they'll tell you what they can do for you?

The packages below list everything we offer...

Brand Identity Package

Number - Circle-01B

Get a solid start with your brand.

  • Professionally designed custom logo.

  • Anything from modern to retro.

  • Official Brand Style Guide PDF.

  • Official brand colors & fonts.

  • All file types included for every application.


Brand Identity + Print

Number - Circle-02

Everything in Package 1, plus:

  • 250 High quality business cards.

  • Extra thick with silky smooth matte finish.

  • Professionally designed, using your branding and colors.

  • Includes printing and handling. Just provide your address!

  • Free shipping to anywhere in North America.

Brand-Identity-+-Print-Demo-Brand 2

Brand Identity + Print & Digital

Number - Circle-03

Everything in Package 1 & 2, plus:

  • Free Domain Name (website URL)

  • Free Business Email

  • Free "Coming Soon" web page

  • Website URL & Business Email added to your cards.

  • Pay only a one-time fee to set up!

Brand-Identity-+-Print-&-Digital 2

Top-To-Bottom Design Package

Number - Circle-05

Everything in Package 1, 2, & 3, plus:

  • Complete website design & build.

  • Professionally designed, using your branding and colors.

  • Home, Services, Our Work, About, & Contact pages.

  • Designed to look great on all devices.

  • Monthly Hosting & Maintenance

Brand-Identity-+-Print-&-Digital-&-Website-Demo-Brand 2

Pricing & Comparison

Prices in USD

Number - Circle-01B

This package includes:

  • Brand Identity $595

  • Business Cards

  • Domain & Email

  • Website Design

  • Discount



One-Time Price

Number - Circle-02

This package includes:

  • Brand Identity $595

  • Business Cards $455

  • Domain & Email

  • Website Design

  • 10% Discount



10% Discount - You save $105


One-Time Price

Number - Circle-03

This package includes:

  • Brand Identity $595

  • Business Cards $455

  • Domain & Email $295

  • Website Design

  • 15% Discount



15% Discount - You save $200


One-Time Price

Number - Circle-05

This package includes:

  • Brand Identity $595

  • Business Cards $455

  • Domain & Email $295

  • Website Design $2895

  • 20% Discount



20% Discount - You save $848


Plus $35/mo Website & Email Hosting

Satisfaction Guaranteed-01

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Unlimited Revisions - We'll keep going until you're happy.

  • Money Back Guarantee - If we can't create you something you're proud of, we'll refund you.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have built an efficient system for our design processes.

This allows us to focus (and spend more time) on the most important part—creating amazing designs that we are proud to show our clients.

This makes it much easier for us (and you) and we can charge a lower price than we normally would. Win-win!

It depends on which package you choose, but here's the action plan for each:

Brand Identity

  1. You will be directed to your own Member's-Only Dashboard where you can fill out a detailed design questionnaire. Just answer it as best you can and send it back. We'll follow up to clarify anything.
  2. Once all the questions are answered, and we agree on a direction, we'll start working on some concepts for your logo & branding.
  3. You'll get a PDF file sent to you with several initial concepts to choose from. Each concept will be presented in context of how it will be seen in real life.
  4. If you like one of the concepts, we can explore it further and keep tweaking it until you are happy.
  5. If you don't see anything you like, we can create more initial concepts until you see something you want to go with.
  6. Once you approve the final logo, you will get a folder full of all the file types you'll ever need. Whenever you get something designed in the future, just send the whole folder to your designer.
  7. You will also be sent your Brand Style Guide in PDF format. Keep this somewhere safe on your computer.

Business Cards

  1. Same procedure—after you fill out the questionnaire, we will create several initial layouts and concepts for your business cards.
  2. After your feedback/approval we will keep tweaking your chosen design until you're happy.
  3. After your final approval, we will get the cards printed and shipped to the address you provide.

Digital Package

  1. Fill out the questionnaire, and we'll get started.
  2. We will register your desired domain name.
  3. We will set up your custom email address(s) on our server.
  4. We will send you instructions on how to set up your email address(s) on your desktop and smartphone.
  5. We will set up your website platform on our servers and connect it to your website URL.
  6. We will create a nicely designed Coming Soon web page so customers who go to your URL don't see an error message.
  7. We will host your Coming Soon page completely free until you get your full website built!

Website Package

  1. Fill out the detailed questionnaire specifically for your website. Just answer it as best you can and send it back. We'll follow up to clarify anything.
  2. We will use your logo, brand colors, images, and typography to create your website, and arrange your information in the best way for your customers to easily understand what you can do for them.
  3. We will send you a link to your site, and you can get back to us with any comments or revisions.
  4. We will continue to make edits until you are completely satisfied.

Get out there and conquer your industry!

Your Logo & Business Cards:

This means we will keep making initial logo/business card concepts until you see something you like.

This also means we will keep making revisions on your chosen concept until you are satisfied.

Your Website:

This means we will continue to make edits to your website until you are satisfied with it.

Note that this applies so long as we are going in a forward direction, with concepts based on the questionnaire you filled out at the beginning.

What this would NOT cover is if you decide to completely change direction after we have already started moving forward.

However, we fully understand that minds are sometimes changed, and we can definitely create a whole new brand concept. Just be aware that this may mean we will need to charge more for our extra time. 🙂

No sweat, my friend. We'll keep going until you see something you like.

One small word of advice: you are hiring a professional to do what they do best.

Ultimately we will do it how you want, but our best work happens when the client works with us and trusts our experience and skill.

Have you looked at the other Design Packages? They may have what you want.

If not, no problem. Just contact us here and we'll see what we can do!

Stay cool, my friend. Just head on over to the Contact Page.

Number - Circle - Question Mark-13

The Big Important Question

What do you do when you can't afford a website yet, but you want to include your website URL and business email on your business cards so you don't have to re-print everything again later?

Package 3 is the solution to this problem!