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    Design Package

Brand Identity + Business Cards

Hand your potential customers a memorable business card that they won’t forget anytime soon.

A high quality, well designed business card will help you make a solid first impression!

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This includes everything from the previous package

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    Brand Identity

  • Custom Logo

  • Official Brand Colors

  • Official Brand Fonts

  • Brand Style Guide PDF



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Premium Business Cards

Do you need business cards to go with your new brand identity, but you don't want to go to all the hassle of finding a print shop and then choosing from a million options for every little detail?

I get you. Time is money.

We'll make it super easy to get your business cards made...

500 Business Cards

That's 500 potential customers for you. We ain't messin' around here.

  • Extra-thick for a serious first impression.

  • Silky smooth matte finish. This texture is noticeably different than your average card.

  • These options give you the best bang for your buck—a high-quality look & feel without breaking the bank.


This image shows only 50 cards or so

Business-Cards-Design 3

Custom Business Card Design

We'll make sure your cards give your customers a good reason to contact you.

  • Same procedure as your brand identity: we'll present you several initial designs to choose from and go from there.

  • Designed using your logo, official brand colors, and guidelines from your Brand Style Guide.

  • No need for you to talk with a print shop. We'll handle everything, from design to shipping.

Free Shipping In North America

Straight to your door. Hot dang.

What if I'm outside of North America?

No problem. I can send you the print files to bring to your local print shop, or email them directly.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

What does this mean?

Revisions will continue to be made until you are happy with it!

For a more detailed explanation of what this covers (and does not cover) see the FAQ section further down.

Some Previous Work...

Touch an image below for a closer look


Nelson Penner

609 Farms

”Excellent company to work with. Friendly and professional. High level of artistic talent blended with great graphic skills. All with out breaking the bank. 5 star"


Josh Reimer

One-Time Fencing

”We are grateful for all the great work you did for us. Definitely the go-to guy for design.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This package includes 250 business cards, shipped to your door, and put right in your hands.

500 is a nice number that allows our print service to give you the best deal for your dollar. Ordering less cards will save you only a couple dollars and is hardly worth it.

If you run out or need more, simply contact us here.

We've chosen the two most effective features that take business cards to the next level: thickness & texture.

When you receive our ultra thick, silky smooth business cards, you'll know what we're talking about. These are cards you'll be proud to hand out, and your customers will be impressed.

However, if you want some special print features just contact us here.

That is a problem we run into all the time! We've created our own solution in Package #3, where we host a "Coming Soon" page for you, completely free!

This way you can have your URL printed on everything, and the link goes to a simple but nicely designed page that lets them know your website is coming soon.

We will keep hosting your page for the foreseeable future.

Have you looked at the other Design Packages? They may have what you want.

If not, no problem. Just contact us here and ask anything you want!

Here's the action plan:

Brand Identity

  1. You will be directed to your own Member's-Only Dashboard where you can fill out a detailed design questionnaire. Just answer it as best you can and send it back. We'll follow up to clarify anything.
  2. Once all the questions are answered, and we agree on a direction, we'll start working on some concepts for your logo & branding.
  3. You'll get a PDF file sent to you with several initial concepts to choose from. Each concept will be presented in context of how it will be seen in real life.
  4. If you like one of the concepts, we can explore it further and keep tweaking it until you are happy.
  5. If you don't see anything you like, we can create more initial concepts until you see something you want to go with.
  6. Once you approve the final logo, you will get a folder full of all the file types you'll ever need. Whenever you get something designed in the future, just send the whole folder to your designer.
  7. You will also be sent your Brand Style Guide in PDF format. Keep this somewhere safe on your computer.

Business Cards

  1. Same procedure—after you fill out the questionnaire, we will create several initial layouts and concepts for your business cards.
  2. After your feedback/approval we will keep tweaking your chosen design until you're happy.
  3. After your final approval, we will get the cards printed and shipped to the address you provide.

Get out there and conquer your industry!

This means we will keep making initial logo/business card concepts until you see something you like.

This also means we will keep making revisions on your chosen concept until you are satisfied.

Note that this applies so long as we are going in a forward direction, with concepts based on the questionnaire you filled out at the beginning.

What this would NOT cover is if you decide to completely change direction after we have already started moving forward.

However, we fully understand that minds are sometimes changed, and we can definitely create a whole new brand concept. Just be aware that this may mean we will need to charge more for our extra time. 🙂

No sweat, my friend. We'll keep going until you see something you like.

One small word of advice: you are hiring a professional to do what they do best.

Ultimately we will do it how you want, but our best work happens when the client works with us and trusts our experience and skill.


However, it's our last resort. We are proud of our work and our reputation, and we do our level best to make sure you're more than impressed with what we create. We would gladly offer more revisions until you're satisfied, rather than ditch the project.

Don't worry, we haven't needed to do this yet, and hopefully not anytime soon!

Nope. Our design packages are like any other high-quality product—you pay up front, and if you're not completely satisfied you can return it.

In a small town close to Vancouver, Canada, where the trees are tall and green, and the mountains and the ocean are never far away.

We serve all of North America.

No problem. We serve clients throughout the United States & Canada, but can design for anyone who needs their work in the English language!

We offer free shipping on printed items to anywhere in North America.

If you live outside of North America it may be best to send the design files only, and you can take them to your local printer.

Stay cool. You can ask anything you want here.

Before you choose a package, here's two questions you should be asking yourself first:

  1. Do you plan on getting a website created at any time in the future?
  2. Would you like to use a custom business email address such as [email protected]?

If not, this package will work fine for you. We will add your current email address to the card design and leave off any mention of a website.

However, if your answer is yes then you will want to take a closer look at the Brand Identity + Print & Digital Package instead.

What is the "Digital" part of the package? This means it includes:

  • Free domain name (your website URL)
  • Free custom business email address.
  • Free "Coming Soon" web page.
  • Your new business email and website URL will be added to your card design.
  • You only pay for the extra setup fee. 

We will host your Coming Soon web page and Business Email on our own servers for as long as it takes you to get your new business up and running.

Now thats an offer you can't beat...

Click here to go directly to Package 3.

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Ready To Roll?

Brand Identity + Print

Number - Circle-02

This package includes:

  • Brand Identity $595

  • Business Cards $455

  • 10% Discount



10% Discount - You save $105


One-Time Price


Get More Done At Once

And save through our progressive discount system!


Number - Circle-03

This package includes:

  • Brand Identity $595

  • Business Cards $455

  • Domain & Email $295

  • Website Design

  • 15% Discount



15% Discount - You save $200


One-Time Price


Number - Circle-05

This package includes:

  • Brand Identity $595

  • Business Cards $455

  • Domain & Email $295

  • Website Design $3390

  • 20% Discount



20% Discount - You save $848


Plus $35/mo Website & Email Hosting