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    Design Package

Brand Identity Package

Everything you need to make your business look professional, competent, & trustworthy.


Custom Logo Design

Unique. Meaningful. Timeless.

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Here's What A Complete Brand Identity Looks Like

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Your Brand Is Much More Than A Logo!

It's an entire visual identity system that works together to create the look & feel of your business as a whole.

  • This is your fail-safe system that ensures your branding will look the same on everything it's applied to.

  • This is what sets you apart from businesses who have only a logo as their "brand."

  • Your brand is defined in your Brand Style Guide.

Here's What You Get

Brand Identity Package

  • Logos - Square Icon

    Custom Logo Design

    Unique. Meaningful. Timeless.

  • Rhino - Style Guide - Square Icon

    Brand Style Guide PDF

    Your new brand, defined.

  • File Types - Square Icon

    All Necessary File Types

    Everything you'll need.

  • Rhino - Email Sig - Square Icon

    Email Signature Logo

    Email like a pro.

  • Fonts - Square Icon

    Official Brand Fonts

    Designed for web & print.

  • Brand colors - Square Icon

    Official Brand Colors

    Stay consistent. Everywhere.

  • Rhino - Social - Square Icon

    Social Media Profile Logos

    Look good online.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- Square Icon

    Unlimited Revisions!

    Satisfaction guaranteed.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Unlimited Revisions - We'll keep going until you're happy.

  • Money Back Guarantee - If we can't create you something you're proud of, we'll refund you.


Casey Toews

Fishburn Ranch

”Professional and easy to work with."


Gerry Wiebe

Wiebe Industrial Services Inc.

"As a repeat customer I can attest to both the quality of Clark’s work and his integrity. Creative, high quality work is this companies trademark, a no nonsense approach and straight forward communication style is Clark’s personal style. What a refreshing change, and now a valued resource."


Frequently Asked Questions

Packaging our services has made the whole process EASY and EFFICIENT for you to get design work done.

You can easily communicate exactly what you need done.

  • You get your own Dashboard with a Design Questionnaire for each item to be designed. 
  • The Design Questionnaires ask all the important questions that we need to know, so we can get a super clear picture of what you need.

You get higher-quality work.

  • This system allows to spend less time on admin tasks and spend more time doing what we do best, creating great design for our clients.

We charge less than we normally would.

  • We save ourselves (and you) so much time that we can charge lass than we did in years past for similar work.

Our Design Packages and Questionnaires have changed how we work, and we want to pass these benefits onto you, the client!

Here's the action plan:

  1. You will be directed to your own Member's-Only Dashboard where you can fill out a detailed design questionnaire. Just answer it as best you can and send it back. We'll follow up to clarify anything.
  2. Once all the questions are answered, and we agree on a direction, we'll start working on some concepts for your logo & branding.
  3. You'll get a PDF file sent to you with several initial concepts to choose from. Each concept will be presented in context of how it will be seen in real life.
  4. If you like one of the concepts, we can explore it further and keep tweaking it until you are happy.
  5. If you don't see anything you like, we can create more initial concepts until you see something you want to go with.
  6. Once you approve the final logo, you will get a folder full of all the file types you'll ever need. Whenever you get something designed in the future, just send the whole folder to your designer.
  7. You will also be sent your Brand Style Guide in PDF format. Keep this somewhere safe on your computer.

Get out there and conquer your industry!

This means we will keep making initial logo concepts until you see something you like.

This also means we will keep making revisions on your chosen concept until you are satisfied.

Note that this applies so long as we are going in a forward direction, with concepts based on the questionnaire you filled out at the beginning.

What this would NOT cover is if you decide to completely change direction after we have already started moving forward.

However, we fully understand that minds are sometimes changed, and we can definitely create a whole new brand concept. Just be aware that this may mean we will need to charge more for our extra time. 🙂

No sweat, my friend. We'll keep going until you see something you like.

One small word of advice: you are hiring a professional to do what they do best.

Ultimately we will do it how you want, but our best work happens when the client works with us and trusts our experience and skill.

Have you looked at the other Design Packages? They may have what you want.

If not, no problem. Just contact us here and ask anything you want!

Stay cool. You can ask anything you want here.

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