Business Cards

Instantly command respect as a business owner when meeting potential customers.


Custom Business Card Design

Unique. Memorable. Branded.

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Your First Impression Counts

We're gonna make you look like the professional business owner that you are...

  • Custom designed with your branding.

  • Unlimited revisions until satisfied!

  • You’ll get a print-ready file you can take to any printer of your choice.

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Printing & Shipping

No time to drive around looking for a printer? We can print your cards for you and ship them straight to your door!

  • Our premium quality cards are 2x thicker than regular business cards.

  • Ultra-smooth texture for a luxurious look & feel.

  • Free shipping to anywhere in North America.


"Website Coming Soon" Page

  • The Problem

    Not getting a website built for some time? Don't want to re-print all your business cards with your new website URL when you do?

  • The Solution

    We'll create a Website Coming Soon page for you and connect it to your URL. This way you can have the URL printed on your cards now, and have the website built at a later date.

  • We'll host your Website Coming Soon page on our own servers for free forever, until you're ready for a full website!

  • Offered only when your logo & branding are created by Bucksaw Creative.

100% Ownership

You will have 100% ownership of your print files.

You can send your print files to any local printer or upload them to an online printer. You can also send them to another designer for any later edits.

We do not hold you hostage in any way.


Frequently Asked Questions

You decide!

Just want the design? Add the Business Card Design package to the cart and we'll create a print-ready file you can take to a local printer of your choice.

We can print them too! And ship them straight to your door. Just add the Printing & Shipping package to your cart.

Our minimum order is 250 cards.

If you want more, just increase the quantity of the Printing & Shipping package in the Cart.

  • x2 = 500
  • x3 = 750
  • x4 = 1000

We can easily duplicate your final business card design file, and swap out names and info at no extra cost. You would have a separate print-ready file for each person.

However, you would need a separate Printing & Shipping package for each person, at 250 cards each.

We've chosen the two most effective features that take business cards to the next level: thickness & texture.

When you receive our ultra thick, silky smooth business cards, you'll know what we're talking about. These cards are noticeably different than your average business card.

However, if you want some special print features you may want to oder the Business Card Design package only and take the print-ready file to your local printer. They can help you choose special textures and features.

That is a problem we run into all the time! We've created our own solution:

For a small fee we'll create a "Coming Soon" page for your website URL, and then host it on our own servers completely free!

This way you can have your URL printed on your cards, and the link will go to a simple but nicely designed page that lets them know your website is coming soon.

We will keep hosting your page for the foreseeable future.

Here's what happens when you purchase this package:

  1. Once you add the design items to your cart, you can add or remove other items to create your own ultimate design package. 
  2. After you confirm your payment on the Checkout page, you will be redirected to your own Client Dashboard here on the Bucksaw website.
  3. This dashboard has a detailed Questionnaire for each item to be designed. Once it's all filled out, you just hit that Submit button and everything will be sent to us at once. No endless back and forth emails and miscommunication!
  4. After we create your initial design concepts, we'll send them to you for your comments and feedback. We'll keep making revisions until you're satisfied!
  5. Once you are satisfied (or rather, blown away) we'll send you the final design files.
  6. If you chose the Printing & Shipping package, we'll send your cards off to the printer, and then mail them to your address.

Ready to roll? Just scroll down and hit that Add To Cart button to get started!

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

If we really can't create a business card design for you that you're proud of, we will give you your money back.

This is a risky promise for us, but we believe we can create work that will impress not only yourself but your customers as well.

No sweat, my friend. We'll keep going until you see something you like.

One small word of advice: you are hiring a professional to do what they do best.

Ultimately we will do it how you want, but our best work happens when the client works with us and trusts our experience and skill.

Stay cool. You can ask anything you want here.

You've Got Options! Choose Exactly What You Need

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Business Card Design

What You Get:

  • Unlimited Revisions

  • Print-Ready File

$415 CAD


Printing & Shipping

What You Get:

  • 250 Premium Business Cards

  • Free Shipping in N. America

$195 CAD


Coming Soon Page

What You Get:

  • "Coming Soon" Web Page

  • Free Hosting!

$425 CAD

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