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    Design Package

Brand Identity + Business Cards + Website

Showcase your best work & services while letting customers find you online, 24/7.

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This package includes everything from the previous Design Packages

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    Brand Identity

  • Custom Logo

  • Official Brand Colors

  • Official Brand Fonts

  • Brand Style Guide PDF

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    Business Cards

  • Business Card Design

  • 500 Premium Business Cards

  • Printing & Handling

  • Free Shipping

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    Domain & Email

  • Free Website URL

  • Free Business Email

  • Tech Setup of Everything

  • Added to Business Cards


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Website Design & Build

We will build you a modern website that looks great on any device, and helps customers find you day and night.


Here's What A Website Can Do For Your Business

The 24/7 Conversation

Your website is like an engaging conversation with your potential customers that can happen any time of day or night.

Imagine if you could invite your customers into your living room and explain what you can do for them. Thats what your website does on your behalf, 24/7.


Showcase Your Best Work

Pictures are worth thousands of words. Show people what you can do for them by showing them what you've done for other customers in the past.

Send us your photos and we'll make them look professional, even if you took them with your phone. We've got the photo editing software and the skills to do it.

Be Seen As An Expert

When people see that you have a website, and it looks professionally designed, it has a psychological effect on their perception of your business.

You will be perceived as an expert in your industry, and are more likely to be hired for the job than your offline competition.


Get Found on the Internet

When you create a Google Business profile, you'll show up on both:

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    Google Search

  • Google Maps Icon

    Google Maps

Connect your website and make it easy for your customers to learn about your services.

How Do You Create My Website?

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We Have A Four-Step Process

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First you fill out the Website Questionnaire in your Dashboard.

You can just fill this out the best you can, and we will get back to you to clarify anything we don't fully understand.

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Then we create a mockup using our presentation software.

The mockup will look and act just like a live website. You can add comments and give feedback on the design.

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We will continue to make revisions until you are completely satisfied.

Our Questionnaires are so well designed that we usually get pretty close the first time, but we will make edits until you're happy.

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We create your live website and connect it to your URL.

We will also connect your business email to the form on your Contact page. You can the connect your website to your Google Business profile.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

What does this mean?

Revisions will continue to be made until you are happy with it!

For a more detailed explanation of what this covers (and does not cover) see the FAQ section further down.


Lynn G.

RussLynn Blueberry Farm

"As the price of berries dropped each year, we decided we needed to sell more off the farm. Clark from Bucksaw Creative has been a huge help making this possible. This is our first season with our website, Facebook and Instagram and it’s been a very exciting year, growing our farm sales and sharing our heritage farm with the public."


Josh Reimer

One-Time Fencing

”We are grateful for all the great work you did for us. Definitely the go-to guy for design.”


Frequently Asked Questions

This package is designed to cover what most small businesses need for their website.

The fact that we have clearly defined what IS included means we can safely put a dollar figure on it. This also means that we can charge less than what we normally would, because we know exactly what needs to be done.

Here are some things we would not include:

  • Any ecommerce (online store) features. That being said, we would gladly design the Home page and the look & feel of your website and you could pass the design on to your web developer.
  • Any inventory system of products. This is outside our scope of expertise. Again, we could design the rest of the site.

Feel free to contact us with any and all questions you might have here.

Absolutely! Check these websites out: (they should open in a new tab)

If you need a similar website for your business then this is the perfect package for you.

To register a domain name (www.yourbusiness.com) normally costs about $30/year. However, we will register your domain name on your behalf, and absorb the cost as long as you host your website with Bucksaw Creative.

This includes domain privacy, which means your name, address, and email address associated with the domain is hidden from anyone who may be authorized to access the full Whois information.

Your domain name will belong entirely to you, and you can transfer it to another domain registration service at any time.

All email addresses require storage space somewhere on the Internet. This is called hosting.

Free email addresses such as Gmail still use storage space, but Google gives this to you free in exchange for advertising for them (it's in the @gmail name) and more importantly, so they can gather personal data about you.

A business email address such as [email protected] requires its own private hosting. This is included in our Website Hosting & Maintenance plan.

This includes multiple email addresses, such as:

Your website and emails require storage space somewhere on the Internet. This is called hosting.

Your website code needs constant updating to make sure it stays up to date with browsers on computers and smartphones, and to keep it from getting hacked. This is called maintenance.

When you host your website with Bucksaw, you get:

  • Lighting Fast Loading Times. Your website will load on desktop computers and mobile devices within seconds. 
  • Daily Backups. If anything goes wrong with your website for any reason, we can restore the latest backup.
  • Cyber Security. Our servers are protected against hackers and malicious viruses.
  • Hosting Maintenance. We keep your website code and plugins up to date, and take care of any tech issues. 
  • Peace Of Mind. Leave it all up to us. No email alerts that your site is down, no broken contact forms, no hours spent with tech support.

The total cost for our Website Hosting & Maintenance plan is $45 USD/month.

No problem!

Small edits can be done at no cost. These include:

  • Small text edits.
  • Add a new image or two.
  • Any other minor tweak.

Larger tasks that we may need to charge for include:

  • New content upload. Multiple new images, lots of new text, etc.
  • New pages.
  • Page redesign.


You are free to move your website or email hosting to a hosting provider of your choice at any time. What we create for you belongs to you.

At this point we would cancel your website & hosting subscription and it would be up to your developer to transfer the website files and email data to your new host. We will give full access to whatever you need.

Here's the action plan:

Brand Identity

  1. You will be directed to your own Member's-Only Dashboard where you can fill out a detailed design questionnaire. Just answer it as best you can and send it back. We'll follow up to clarify anything.
  2. Once all the questions are answered, and we agree on a direction, we'll start working on some concepts for your logo & branding.
  3. You'll get a PDF file sent to you with several initial concepts to choose from. Each concept will be presented in context of how it will be seen in real life.
  4. If you like one of the concepts, we can explore it further and keep tweaking it until you are happy.
  5. If you don't see anything you like, we can create more initial concepts until you see something you want to go with.
  6. Once you approve the final logo, you will get a folder full of all the file types you'll ever need. Whenever you get something designed in the future, just send the whole folder to your designer.
  7. You will also be sent your Brand Style Guide in PDF format. Keep this somewhere safe on your computer.

Business Cards

  1. Same procedure—after you fill out the questionnaire, we will create several initial layouts and concepts for your business cards.
  2. After your feedback/approval we will keep tweaking your chosen design until you're happy.
  3. After your final approval, we will get the cards printed and shipped to the address you provide.

Digital Package

  1. Fill out the questionnaire, and we'll get started.
  2. We will register your desired domain name.
  3. We will set up your custom email address(s) on our server.
  4. We will send you instructions on how to set up your email address(s) on your desktop and smartphone.
  5. We will set up your website platform on our servers and connect it to your website URL.

Website Package

  1. Fill out the detailed questionnaire specifically for your website. Just answer it as best you can and send it back. We'll follow up to clarify anything.
  2. We will use your logo, brand colors, images, and typography to create your website, and arrange your information in the best way for your customers to easily understand what you can do for them.
  3. We will send you a link to your site, and you can get back to us with any comments or revisions.
  4. We will continue to make edits until you are completely satisfied.

Get out there and conquer your industry!

Have you looked at the other Design Packages? They may have what you want.

If not, no problem. Just contact us here and ask anything you want!

Your Logo & Business Cards:

This means we will keep making initial logo/business card concepts until you see something you like.

This also means we will keep making revisions on your chosen concept until you are satisfied.

Your Website:

This means we will continue to make edits to your website until you are satisfied with it.

Note that this applies so long as we are going in a forward direction, with concepts based on the questionnaire you filled out at the beginning.

What this would NOT cover is if you decide to completely change direction after we have already started moving forward.

However, we fully understand that minds are sometimes changed, and we can definitely create a whole new brand concept. Just be aware that this may mean we will need to charge more for our extra time. 🙂

No sweat, my friend. We'll keep going until you see something you like.

One small word of advice: you are hiring a professional to do what they do best.

Ultimately we will do it how you want, but our best work happens when the client works with us and trusts our experience and skill.


However, it's our last resort. We are proud of our work and our reputation, and we do our level best to make sure you're more than impressed with what we create. We would gladly offer more revisions until you're satisfied, rather than ditch the project.

Don't worry, we haven't needed to do this yet, and hopefully not anytime soon!

Nope. Our design packages are like any other high-quality product—you pay up front, and if you're not completely satisfied you can return it.

Stay cool. You can ask anything you want here.

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Ready To Roll?

Top-To-Bottom Design Package

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This package includes:

  • Brand Identity $595

  • Print Package $455

  • Domain & Email Setup $295

  • Website Package $2895

  • 20% Discount



20% Discount - You save $848


Plus $35/mo Web & Email Hosting