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Who This Is For

Businesses who are focused primarily on the services they offer.

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Here's How You Can Showcase Your Services With A Full Five-Page Website

If you think this is impressive, wait until your customers see it!


This website is just an example. Your website will be custom designed.

Your Website Pages

  • The Home Page

    This is the first page most website visitors will see, and it's divided into sections, each linking to another page.

  • The Services Page

    This page is a list of your services offered, with descriptions, images, and Contact Now buttons.

  • The Projects Page

    For this website package, your Projects page has a gallery of photos. Clicking a photo will trigger a full-screen popup.

  • The About Page

    Tell your customers who you are and what your business is about. Display profile photos of your key people.

  • The Contact Page

    This is the ultimate goal of your website. Each page has Contact buttons that link to this page.

Super Simple Project Upload

  • 1

    Log into your website Dashboard and create a New Project.

  • 2

    Fill out the fields, including a title and description, and upload a photo.

  • 3

    Hit the Publish button and the new project will appear on your website!

For this website package, clicking a project photo triggers a full-screen popup. Project photos do not link to separate pages.


Customer Testimonials? Same Steps

Just create a New Testimonial in your Dashboard, fill in the fields, and hit publish!

How easy was that...


Wanna Edit Some Text? Do It Yourself In Seconds!

Your website has a special Editor Mode where you can quickly edit text, colors, swap out images, and more, all without accidentally deleting anything, messing up the layout, or altering the design in any drastic way.

No need to hire a developer for each little edit!

We Use The Latest Website Tech

Powerful Customization

We use Webflow to build all our client websites. 

Webflow is one of the latest website technologies. Almost any design is possible, and it's super easy for you as the client to make any small edits you need without breaking anything.

That's the best of both worlds for both of us!

Fool-Proof Editor Mode

Your website has two types of users:

Developer Mode — This is full access and is used to build your website.

Editor Mode — This allows you (or your employee) to login with limited editing abilities. Never worry about accidentally ruining your website layout!

Zero Maintenance

When your website is built and hosted on Webflow servers, the code is automatically updated on a regular basis. 100% maintenance free!

No need for a monthly website maintenance plan, which is expensive for you and time consuming for us.

Imagine This...

  • 1

    We build you a stunning website to showcase your business, for a one-time payment.

  • 2

    Using your dashboard, you can easily upload new photos and make text edits at any time.

  • 3

    You only pay your monthly hosting, and your website looks just as good in 10 years as it does now!

Webflow hosting is $16-$20/month. No hidden fees!

100% Ownership

You will have 100% ownership of your website, and your monthly hosting will be paid directly to your hosting provider.

You will have all admin access logins and not be dependant upon Bucksaw Creative for anything. If you choose to hire someone else to edit your site, you can easily give them account access.

We do not hold you hostage in any way.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. One-Page Website 
    All your website content will be displayed on a single web page, with a Contact Form at the bottom.
  2. Five-Page Website
    Your website will have 5 pages total:
    • Home
    • Services
    • Projects
    • About
    • Contact
  3. Five-Page Website + Projects
    Your website will have the same 5 pages, plus a Dynamic Project page. 

    What is this?

    The Dynamic Project page is a page template design that gets automatically applied to every project item you publish.

    This means all you have to do is upload photos for your new portfolio project, fill in the description text, and hit the Publish button. This will generate a new page on your website and apply the design. Dead simple!

Here's what happens when you purchase this website package:

  1. Once you add this website package to your cart, you can add or remove other design items to create your own ultimate design package. 
  2. After you confirm your payment on the Checkout page, you will be redirected to your own Client Dashboard here on the Bucksaw website.
  3. This dashboard has a detailed Questionnaire that will help you organize all your website content, including text and photos. Once it's all filled out, you just hit that Submit button and everything will be sent to us at once. No endless back and forth emails and miscommunication!
  4. We will use your logo, brand colors, images, and everything in the Questionnaire to create a Website Mockup.
  5. We will send you a link to the website mockup, and you can leave your comments and feedback. We'll keep making revisions until you're satisfied!
  6. After you confirm the final mockup design, we'll build the actual website in Webflow.
  7. We'll give you two login credentials, the Developer login which has access to your full website and all its settings, and the Editor login which allows you to easily make small edits to text and images without accidentally altering the layout itself.

Ready to roll? Just scroll down and hit that Add To Cart button to get started!

To register a domain name ( costs about $20-$30/year.

We recommend, as their registration process is simple & easy.

If you already have your own domain name:

The Website Questionnaire has an area where you can give us access to your settings, and we'll connect it to your new website for you.

Your website requires storage space somewhere on the Internet. This is called hosting.

We use Webflow to build our client websites, and your hosting will be paid directly to Webflow.

Their system will automatically keep your code up to date, forever!

You will need the Webflow CMS Site Plan, which is:

  • $16 USD/month if paid annually, or
  • $20 USD/month if paid monthly.

We will show you how to purchase this plan.

Once you're all set up, we'll build your website on your own hosting plan.

You will have 100% ownership of your website and will not be tied to us in any way.

We recommend for both your domain name & business emails.

Their email plans are very affordable and they have detailed instructions for setting up your new email on your computer & smartphone.

If you get lost, they have a helpful chat feature where you can talk to a human tech support.

Some business emails addresses you may want are:


No problem!

Small edits can easily be done by yourself or your employee. Just log into your website with your Editor login to:

  • Edit any text.
  • Replace images.
  • Adjust colors.
  • Create new portfolio projects.
  • Create new testimonials.

Bigger edits require Developer access. You can hire us or any Webflow developer to:

  • Create new pages.
  • Redesign existing pages.
  • Any other major modification.

Yes! We can build you a custom website that has more content and features than is listing in our three website packages.

Contact us by phone or email and we'll talk about it.

What Our Clients Say..


Josh Reimer

One-Time Fencing Supply

”We are grateful for all the great work you did for us. Definitely the go-to guy for design.”


Lynn G.

RussLynn Blueberry Farm

"As the price of berries dropped each year, we decided we needed to sell more off the farm. Clark from Bucksaw Creative has been a huge help making this possible. This is our first season with our website, Facebook and Instagram and it’s been a very exciting year, growing our farm sales and sharing our heritage farm with the public."

Five-Page Website

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$2,895 USD
+ $20/month for hosting

Got questions? Check the FAQ above, or contact us below!

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