• Google Ads for Construction Contractors

Get A Steady Flow of Phone Calls & Leads from Google Ads

  • Advertise your services to people who are searching for them on Google.

  • We will design your ads, write all your ad text, and set up your campaign.

  • 100% ad management. You run your business, we'll get you the work.


Why Google Ads?

Google Ads are a very effective method of advertising your contracting services to people in your local area. Here's why...

  • Search Intent: Users on Google are actively looking for services like yours. This is a perfect time for you to show up!

  • Most Popular Search Engine: When people need answers, Google is the #1 method of finding them.

Here's How It Works

Here's our marketing system for getting you phone calls & emails for your contracting business using Google Ads.


Month One

Setup Phase

  • Account Set Up & Access

  • Competitor Research

  • Mock Up Initial Creatives

  • Write Copy For All Ads

  • Structure Full Funnel A/B Testing

  • Review Ad Creatives, Copy, & Strategy

  • Publish Ads & Revise As Needed


Month 2-3

Testing Phase

  • Review Ads Attentively

  • Analyze Performance & Optimize Accordingly

  • Duplicate & Optimize Best Performing Ads

  • Turn Off Poor Performing Campaigns, Audiences, & Ads

  • Create New Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Creatives to Test

  • Monthly Report: Full Breakdown With Video/Call


Month 4 +

Scaling Phase

  • Incrementally Increase Budget on Optimized Campaigns

  • Turn Off Low Performing Testing Phase Ads

  • Continue Testing Ads With a Portion of the Budget

  • Turn Off Poor Performing Campaigns, Audiences, & Ads

  • Monthly Report: Full Breakdown With Video/Call

  • Continuous Month to Month Management


Ultimate Outcome

Once your campaigns are optimized, you will get a steady flow of phone calls & leads month after month.

You run your business, and we'll get you the work!

Case Studies

Here are some real results we've achieved with Google Ads for General Contractors!


Electrical Contractor

30 Day Window:

  • Budget: $50/day

  • Conversions: 23 Phone Calls

  • Cost/Conv.: $26.44

  • Conversion Rate: 13%

  • CTR: 4.28%

  • Average CPC: $3.44

Ultimate Results:

  • 23 Phone Calls


Plumbing Contractor

30 Day Window:

  • Budget: $37/day

  • Conversions: 32 Phone Calls

  • Cost/Conv.: $34.82

  • Total Cost: $1,114.28

  • Average CPC: $34.82

  • Conversion Rate: 100%

Ultimate Results:

  • 32 Phone Calls


Electrical Contractor

14 Day Window:

  • Impressions: 12,800

  • Clicks: 286

  • Average CPC: $1.63

  • Average CTR: 2.23%

  • Total Cost: $1060

Ultimate Results:

  • 28 Phone Calls

Our team is paid on a performance basis, so we are highly motivated to get you results.


Is Marketing Worth It? Here's The Math

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    First, figure out how much income your average project brings you. $30k? $100k? $1M?

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    Next, have a look at our Contractor Marketing package prices. They're all here on our website.

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    Question: If we can bring you phone calls & emails every month, how many new projects can you land?

If you spend $3k to get a $30k project, that was well worth the investment!


No Contracts & Cancel Anytime!

You don't sign anything. And you can cancel your monthly marketing services at any time.

Yes this is a little crazy but we'd rather focus on getting you so many phone calls and leads that you'll never leave us!


Google Ads Pricing

Every penny of your ad spend goes toward scaling!

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Number - Circle Medium W-01

Campaign Management:

$1,150 USD

Per Month

Plus $50 USD/day in ad spend

Number - Circle Medium W-02

Campaign Management:

$1,650 USD

Per Month

Plus $100 USD/day in ad spend

Number - Circle Medium W-03

Campaign Management:

$2,550 USD

Per Month

Plus $400 USD/day in ad spend

All Prices Include:

  • Full Platform Setup & Management

    Conversion tracking, pixel installation, audience creation, ad sets, campaign budget, etc.

  • Online Ad Design

    We cover graphics, gifs, and video*, typically starting with what you have already and we improve and create new, fresh content.

  • Testing, Retargeting, & Scaling

    We test and get to know accounts for 4-6 weeks before scaling, we report bi-weekly with a video and dashboard.

*We edit the video clips that you give us. We can give you a quote on a custom video if you prefer.

10%/month for anything above $400/day in ad spend.

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