• Google Ads for Home Contractors

Run a Low-Risk, Low-Cost Google Ads Pilot Project for Two Months. No Contract.

  • This could be the One Big Thing that takes your business to the next level.

  • Even one new project could pay for the entire Pilot Project many times over.

  • Low cost. Low risk. No contract.

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Our clients typically get a 3X Return On Investment on their ad budget!

Who This Is For

Construction contractors of most trades who could handle $50k (or more) worth of projects per month.

If your business is not at this level yet, check out our more affordable QR code marketing.

Here's How The Pilot Project Works

The First Two Weeks

  • Extensive Keyword Research

    • Short tail keywords
    • Long tail keywords
    • Negative keywords (to prevent wasted clicks)

  • If you already have a Google Ads Account:

    • We’ll do a full analysis of your previous campaign data.
    • We’ll fix anything that is set up incorrectly.
    • We’ll set up all your new campaigns and ad sets.

  • If you don’t have a Google Ads account yet:

    • We’ll set up a brand new account.
    • We’ll set up all your campaigns and ad sets.

  • Special Tracking Phone Number

    • This special number forwards to your regular number.
    • This helps us separate calls to your regular number from the calls from your ads for tracking.

  • Automatic Missed Call Replies

    • We’ll set up a automated system that sends a text message in case you miss a call from the ads.
    • Simply follow up with a phone call later.

  • Leads Management App

    • We’ll set you up with both a mobile app and a desktop browser app to keep track of all your leads.
    • Every incoming call or contact form submission gets added to your contacts list in the app.
    • Easily see all the emails, text messages, and calls for each lead.
    • Stay super organized!

  • Landing Pages (If Needed)

    • If you don’t have a website at all, we will build you a special landing page for your ads to link to. This landing page is 100% yours forever. Extra cost: $600
    • If you already have a website, it may be possible to use some pages as landing pages. We may require some changes to the design of these pages.

  • Campaign Launch

    • If your communication with us is prompt, we can have everything set up and ready to go within 14 days or less.
    • With your go-ahead, we will turn on all the ads and your campaign will be live!

The Next Six Weeks

  • Careful Campaign Monitoring

    For the next six weeks we will monitor your ad campaign very closely to make sure everything is working correctly. This is NOT a set-it-and-forget-it operation!

  • Delete Under-Performing Ads

    As we see incoming data, our team will disable all poorly performing ads and keywords so that your budget is not wasted.

  • Build On High-Performing Ads

    After deleting poorly performing ads, our team will redirect the ad budget towards the ads and keywords that are performing well. We will also create new ads based on these high-performing ads.

  • New Phone Calls & Leads!

    Any Google Ads campaign takes at least 4-6 weeks for the algorithm to fully optimize and start getting you consistent phone calls and leads. However many of our clients have started getting leads within the first week or two!


Our Pilot Project is designed to give you the absolute best chance of success, at the minimum cost!

At the end of two months, you will have rock solid data on the effectiveness of Google Ads for your specific business, and probably a whole bunch of new leads.

For most contractors with potential monthly income of $50k or more, even one new project will cover the entire cost of the Pilot Project several times over.

Not only that, but there’s all the future potential projects from six weeks worth of leads.

Pilot Project One-Time Cost

First choose your currency:

Setup & Campaign Management:

$1,950 USD

Plus daily ad spend paid directly to Google:

$100 USD /day (about $3,000 USD for 6 weeks)

Your ads will only run during your business hours, on business days. For example, 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. During the 6 weeks this is 5 days/week, so 30 days total.

This is the minimum amount of daily ad spend. We may recommend a higher amount based on your type of projects and our keyword research.


It depends a lot on your daily ad budget. The higher the budget, the more people will see the ads, and the faster the calls will come in.

Some of our clients have started getting calls within the first week, but most take 2-3 weeks to start getting calls from quality leads.

From our experience with our other clients, you need to spend a certain minimum for the Google algorithm to learn fast enough and start getting you leads.

Spending less than this will get you hardly any leads (if any) during the 6 weeks.

You will probably have landed enough projects to easily cover the cost or the Pilot Project, or if you have larger projects you will have leads who will probably hire you in the next few months.

Our team will look at all the data, the quality of the leads, and how many calls and contact form submissions you got, and give you a realistic report on what to expect if you continue with us month to month.


After The Pilot Project: Scale Up As Big As You Want

If you’re getting consistent phone calls and you're landing new projects, you can work with us on a month to month basis at our regular rate.

No contract, cancel any time!

Begin scaling up your construction business by hiring more guys, project managers, and take on more and bigger projects.

Find Out If Your Business Qualifies For The Pilot Project

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No pushy sales calls or fake deadlines. We only want to work with you if we think we’re a good fit 🙂