• QR Codes for Home Contractors

Get More Projects With Local QR Code Marketing

  • Link to your website from QR codes on signs & postcards.

  • High-tech approach to low-tech marketing. 

  • No monthly marketing payments.


QR Code Signs In Your Local Area

  • These signs have a giant QR code so people can quickly scan them to go to your website.

  • Tall vertical design meant for telephone poles and better wind resistance.

  • Easy to read at a glance from a distance.

Put these signs up all over your local area. The giant QR codes will spark curiosity and encourage people to go to your website where you can showcase your services. Your website then encourages them to call you.


QR Code Postcards Via Mailbox Distribution

  • Get your local postal service to place these postcards in mailboxes in your area.

  • The QR code is the main call-to-action so people go to your website to learn more.

  • More likely to catch attention and take action instead of throwing them away.

Again, the prominent QR code encourages people to scan it and go to your website, just like your QR code signs.

All Your QR Codes Link To Your Website

  • Instead of asking people to call directly, you are first sending them to your website.

  • Your website explains your services in way more detail, with service descriptions and photos of finished projects.

  • After viewing your website, your potential customers are much more likely to call you.

You don’t need a fancy multi-page website. In fact, a single landing page works great because the entire page can be quickly viewed by scrolling down. Your landing page can also be connected to a Google Ads campaign in the future.


QR Code Marketing Packages

Choose the package that's best for you!

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Number - White BG-01

QR Code Items Only

Website Not Included

QR Code Signs

  • Print-Ready PDF File to take to your local sign shop.

QR Code Postcards

  • Print-Ready PDF File to take to your local postal service.

QR Code Link

  • We'll connect your QR codes to your existing website URL.

$450 USD

One-Time Price

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QR Code Items

Plus Website

QR Code Signs

  • Print-Ready PDF File to take to your local sign shop.

QR Code Postcards

  • Print-Ready PDF File to take to your local postal service.

Landing Page Website

  • Hero Section

  • Services Sections

  • Portfolio Photos Section

  • About Section

  • Contact Section

  • Professionally Written Content

    All your text content will be written by one of our professional copywriters.

  • Professional Photos

    We will use high quality images from our premium stock photo service so that your website will look great.

  • Connect To Google Ads In The Future

    We can connect this website to your Google Ads campaign and start getting you new calls every week.

$495 USD

One-Time Price

+ $30 USD /month for hosting
(Includes 1 hr of free website edits per month)


Frequently Asked Questions

QR Code marketing combines low-cost print marketing with high-tech digital marketing.

If you want to get your website in front of potential customers you would normally use online ads which you would pay for monthly. However you can get your signs and postcards printed just once, and still send people to your website via the giant QR codes.

You do.

We only charge a one-time price to build your website and then it’s yours forever. You will have all admin logins and passwords. You only need to pay for the monthly hosting, which all websites require.

Absolutely! In this case all you need is the QR code signs and postcards. We’ll link your QR codes to your URL.

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