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What Is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization


Here are some key points to know about SEO:

  • SEO is what gets your website to the first page of Google.

  • It takes several months for this to happen. It’s like an investment.

  • Once your website is optimized, it becomes an asset that will continue to generate leads for years to come.

Here's How It Works

This is where we start to see the greatest success with your campaign and where we can give the utmost attention to the account to help it perform as it should! We run ads out of your account so you have full and complete control.

Month One

Audit, Keyword Research, Onsite Optimization

  • Site audit conducted to find next steps.

  • Keyword research is done to find opportunities.

  • We write and implement onsite SEO according to our research.

  • If Google My Business is included, we will optimize the profile & start citations**

  • Rankings may or may not appear first month.

Month 2-3

Addition Optimization & Backlinking

  • We address and monitor keyword rankings & start backlinking work.

  • Write and implement initial guest blog posts (off site SEO)

  • Monitor website health, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.

  • Google My Business continues as usual, posts, citations, images**

  • 10-20% of keywords start to rank on Google.

Month 4-6

Additional Tech Audit & Content Creation

  • Do a technical audit and fix any errors, warnings, and criticals**

  • We continue backlinking work, social bookmarking, high da links, image submissions, guest post supporting links, etc.

  • Keywords start to move up and we monitor competitors for new movement.

  • Google My Business continues as usual, posts, citations, images**

  • 20-30% of keywords start to rank, rankings may fluctuate.

Month 7-10

General Link Building & 1st Page Ranking

  • Address Google Web Core vitals, Experience and Additional Search Console Insights**

  • We continue backlinking work and focus on winning do follow links.

  • Keywords start to move up and we monitor competitors for new movement.

  • Google My Business continues as usual, posts, citations, images**

  • 40-60% of keywords start to rank, bottom to mid 1st page rankings usually hit around this mark. Google Local starts to also rank around this mark.

Month 10-12

Top Of Page Ranking & Consistent Leads

  • All keywords are ranking on Google.

  • You’re seeing organic traffic from SEO.

  • You’re starting to get leads from Organic Search or Google Local.

  • We start to look for new opportunities, new keywords, and maintain the same page 1 rankings moving forward.

  • 100% of all keywords will be ranking. Majority should be close to page or top of page 1. You will start to get organic traffic and you will have leads mentioning they found you via Google.

Ultimate Outcome

Your website will become a lead-generating machine that will bring in phone calls & emails for years to come.

You won't need paid ads because all website traffic will be 100% organic.

Website SEO is like purchasing property and making continuous improvements, instead of temporarily renting.

Case Studies

Here are some real results we've achieved for contractors like yourself!


Electrical Contractor

30 Day Window:

  • Budget: $50/day

  • Conversions: 23 Phone Calls

  • Cost/Conv.: $26.44

  • Conversion Rate: 13%

  • CTR: 4.28%

  • Average CPC: $3.44

Ultimate Results:

  • 23 Phone Calls


Plumbing Contractor

30 Day Window:

  • Budget: $37/day

  • Conversions: 32 Phone Calls

  • Cost/Conv.: $34.82

  • Total Cost: $1,114.28

  • Average CPC: $34.82

  • Conversion Rate: 100%

Ultimate Results:

  • 32 Phone Calls


Electrical Contractor

14 Day Window:

  • Impressions: 12,800

  • Clicks: 286

  • Average CPC: $1.63

  • Average CTR: 2.23%

  • Total Cost: $1060

Ultimate Results:

  • 28 Phone Calls

Our team is paid on a performance basis, so we are highly motivated to get you results.


Here's The Marketing Math

  • Number - Circle Medium-01

    First, figure out how much income your average project brings you. $10k? $100k? $1M?

  • Number - Circle Medium-02

    Next, how many projects can you and your crew do per month or quarter?

  • Number - Circle Medium-03

    If you had projects lined up every month, how much extra income would you make and does this cover the cost of marketing?

Want to see if your type of services makes sense for Google Ads? Fill out our Assessment Form and we'll get back to you!


No Contract & Cancel Anytime!

You don't sign anything. And you can cancel your monthly marketing services at any time.

Yes this is a little crazy but we'd rather focus on getting you so many phone calls and leads that you'll never leave us!


SEO Package Pricing

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Number - Circle Medium W-01

$1,350 USD

Per Month

(Total Monthly Investment)

Who This Is For:

  • Contractors who want to get started early with SEO. Your website will begin to rank higher over time.

This Package Includes:

  • 70 Backlinks Per Month

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Monthly Report via Email

  • 7 Target Website Pages

  • 14 Keywords

Number - Circle Medium W-02

$2,150 USD

Per Month

(Total Monthly Investment)

Who This Is For:

  • Contractors who want to improve their website ranking quickly. Your website will begin to rank sooner.

This Package Includes:

  • Everything from Package #1, PLUS:

  • 100 Backlinks Per Month

  • Monthly Report via Video/Phone Call

  • Advanced Technical Onsite/Offsite SEO Implementation

  • 10 Target Website Pages

  • 20 Keywords

Number - Circle Medium W-03

$4,550 USD

Per Month

(Total Monthly Investment)

Who This Is For:

  • Contractors who want to improve their website ranking as fast as possible. Dominate your industry!

This Package Includes:

  • Everything from Packages #1 & 2, PLUS:

  • 150 Backlinks Per Month

  • Blog Section Added to Your Website

  • Two Blog Posts Per Month - 1000 Words Each

  • Target All Website Pages

  • 20 Keywords Rotated Every 90 Days

All Prices Include:

  • Keyword Research

    We'll find out what keywords your target customers are searching for.

  • SEO Data Dashboard

    View the same data we use to drive your campaigns. No guessing here.

  • Website SEO Edits

    We will log into your website and take care of the technical SEO.

  • Monthly Reporting

    We will give you a full progress report plus what's next.

  • Backlinks

    These are links back to your website that we place on other websites.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    We want to build a longterm relationship with you!

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