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Old-school vibe

Eastside Yardcare began as the ambition of young entrepreneur with a green thumb and a determination to run his own business.


Starting with some pencil sketches, we crafted a concept that was modern but retained that old-school vibe for character.


The business cards are made from actual wood!

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Lumbar & Leather - Sketch
Lumbar & Leather - Development
Lumbar & Leather - Business Card
Lumbar & Leather - Business Card

Website Design & Build

I paid the workshop a visit and caught some antique-artists redhanded with paint brushes and chisels. All incriminating photos are displayed on the website’s homepage slider.


Each item is displayed by uploading photos and a description into a portfolio section in the backend interface of the site. A category is chosen in the portfolio settings, which automatically links the item to the correct menu button so the user can browse by Furniture, Decor, Bowls, Available, or Sold.

Lumbar & Leather - Website
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