Travis approached us to create branding for his landscaping business in Agassiz, BC.

His chosen name was Eastside Yardcare so we decided to go with the old-school feel to give his business a little style. We crafted a logo with classic crossed tools that gives off a hint of vintage, and established a consistent, dark green colour scheme.


Because he didn’t yet have a portfolio of landscaping photography, We decided to incorporate a series of hand-drawn illustrations using a digital drawing tablet.


Wanting to expand his business each summer, we felt that a website would help legitimize his services and enable folks to discover his botanical handiwork all year round.

Using a traditional layout, we built the website as groups of cards showing information, a callback to vintage advertising. Each card set to have the dark green border around it, and the illustrations are used throughout the site. The cards rearrange and reshape themselves responsively on different devices and screen sizes.