How do you work up the courage to stand up for the things you believe in? Especially these days, when anything you say will surely offend someone or can get you labelled as intolerant. Sometimes just being a decent person takes a bit of bravery.


Or we have friends who seem to be unaffected by social status, career choice, or any of the silly things we judge each other on; they simply walk through life like a boss regardless of where they're at or who they hang out with. How can we become this person?


This is the book for you, my friend. A lot of lighthearted advice on how to be a boss with a somewhat serious twist that will hopefully leave you pondering what it really means to be a person of integrity. You may not find all the answers on these pages, but know this: if you sometimes feel like its a struggle to uphold what you feel is right, you are not alone.


Straight up advice on how to be a boss — a man of integrity and little fear. This graphic novel uses simple artwork, illustrations, and photography to show you what it takes to attain boss-hood in today's world.


WARNING: This book may shift your paradigm. Read with care.

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8.25" x 6"   |   46 pages