This small operation was started by a couple friends from their garage. They peruse antique shops and garage sales for unlikely treasures and transform them into one-off works of art in furniture. Vintage headboards are sawn into sections and remade into benches, crates are transformed into lamps, and knots of wood are lathed into bowls.
They approached Bucksaw looking for a name and a logo, as well as a website to display their work. After an intense brainstorming session of writing down every word we could think of that described their business, we settled on Lumber & Leather. This seemed to best capture the combination of rustic material and classy craftsmanship. The logo ties both elements together with an ampersand styled as if made from lumber and nails.
The business cards are made of wood, naturally.


We paid the workshop a visit with our photographer, and caught some antique-artists redhanded with paint brushes and chisels. All incriminating photos are displayed on the website’s homepage slider.
Each item is displayed by uploading photos and a description into a portfolio section in the backend interface of the site. A category is chosen in the portfolio settings, which automatically links the item to the correct menu button so the user can browse by Furniture, Decor, Bowls, Available, or Sold.