This small farm has been in business for 30 years, but it was time for a new look. Bucksaw was brought onboard for developing a complete brand identity and website.

The farm still has the original farmhouse and the owners have a large antique collection, so we decided to retain some vintage elements while still creating a brand new concept. The logo uses some elegant flourishes in moderation to form blueberries, with a classic serif typeface. The rest of the branding is kept contemporary and minimal.


Everything the name RussLynn touches has the new identity on it.


Flyers were printed for distribution, a brand new sign was made for the farm entrance, and all the previous homemade wayfinding signs were replace with printed ones.


Wooden baskets were sourced and ordered in three sizes, and a stamp was made to ink the new logo on the sides.


The website is built over a dark wood background that contrasts well with the clean, white logo and elements, and the secondary light blue colour. Smooth fading page transitions are an added touch.

The site has an order form page that lets customers order anytime, and the workers can easily check an email account each morning during berry season to fulfill orders. The site also features a blog page that automatically posts each blog post to the farm’s Facebook page, streamlining the social media end and boosting the website’s SEO.