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Website Packages

Number - Circle Medium W-01

1-Page Website

Who This Is For:

  • Contractors who just need a simple website to showcase their business online.

This Website Includes:

  • Hero Section

  • Services Sections

  • Project Portfolio Section

  • About Section

  • Contact Section

$1,195.00 USD

One-Time Price

+ $20/month for hosting

Number - Circle Medium W-02

5-Page Website

Who This Is For:

  • Contractors who want a full website to explain their services and display photos of finished projects.

This Website Includes:

  • Home Page

  • Services Page

  • Project Portfolio Page

  • About Page

  • Contact Page

$2,895.00 USD

One-Time Price

+ $20/month for hosting

Number - Circle Medium W-03

5-Page Website + Projects

Who This Is For:

  • Contractors who want a full website to explain their services and showcase each finished project on its own page.

This Website Includes:

  • Home Page

  • Services Page

  • Project Portfolio Page

  • About Page

  • Contact Page

  • A separate page for EACH finished project!

$3,595.00 USD

One-Time Price

+ $20/month for hosting

Marketing Packages

All packages will get you new calls & emails within 3 weeks!

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The Startup

Who This Is For:

  • Small trades businesses who need more projects.

The Strategy:

  • A full Google Ads campaign that links to your website.

The Outcome:

  • New calls within three weeks.

  • Substantial increase in calls and customer requests in 45 days and onward.

Number - Circle Medium W-02


Who This Is For:

  • Trades businesses who are looking to grow bigger and expand into the surrounding area.

The Strategy:

  • Google Ads campaign plus:

  • Facebook ads

  • Instagram ads

  • Google Business Profile setup & monthly management

The Outcome:

  • New calls within three weeks.

  • Substantial increase in calls and customer requests in 45 days and onward.

  • Medium amount of organic traffic to your website, which will help you rank higher in organic search results.

Number - Circle Medium W-03


Who This Is For:

  • Trades businesses who have the capacity to take on a steady flow of large construction projects and dominate their industry.

The Strategy:

  • 100% SEO Focused

  • 100% organic traffic

  • New monthly website content

  • New monthly blog content

  • Google Business Profile setup & monthly management

The Outcome:

  • New calls within three weeks.

  • Substantial increase in calls and customer requests in 45 days and onward.

  • Your website will reach the #1 spot for organic search results in your local area.

  • No need for ads or paid traffic of any kind. You are building a long-term asset that will generate leads for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

Look at it this way...

If we get you new requests each week for your services, and you land the jobs, how much extra income will those jobs bring you?

This depends on these factors:

  • Your ability to quote and land the work.
  • How much you charge per job.
  • The size of your crew and how fast you can complete jobs.

You may have to sit down with a cup of Joe and do the math. You know your business best!

If you can meet all these requirements, the marketing will generate far more monthly income than you're spending per month.

1. Startup Marketing Package

We've kept the price as low as we can because we want marketing services to be accessible by almost anyone.

If you're just starting out or if you need an extra boost of customers, this package will get your new contractor website in front of local eyeballs via Google Ads and get your phone ringing.

Note: the only traffic to your website will be from paid ads. This is like turning a tap on or off; when the ads stop, so do the phone calls. This is perfectly fine in the short term, but for longer term effects you will eventually want to move to the Expansion or Domination package.

—Think of this as renting a house. You can only live there as long as you pay rent.

2. Expansion Marketing Package

Everything in the Startup package, plus extra advertising on Facebook & Instagram to locals in your area, and Google My Business setup & management.

This is more of a long term strategy, with paid ads but also organic traffic to your website from Google My Business and other links back to your website.

Your contractor website will begin to show up in some local search results as more people search for your services on the Internet.

—Think of this as rent-to-own. You are paying to live there, but a certain portion of your money goes into your long-term asset.

3. Domination Marketing Package

This is a total marketing management package that will rank your website #1 in search results for your contracting services in your local area as well as the surrounding area.

To rank at the top of search results, your website will need fresh content published on a continual basis. Our team of experts includes professional copywriters who will create all the keyword-focused content such as main page content and blog articles relevant to your industry.

These articles will be written and published to your website on a regular schedule, which will help search engines like Google perceive your website as high-value and move it to the #1 result.

This marketing package requires a custom SEO-focused website with 10+ pages of content. The website will be a one-time cost, and once built we can add this marketing package to keep it continually updated with new content.

Contact us for a free consultation, and we'll create a custom quote!

Unlike paid ads, all your website traffic will be from pure organic searches of people in your area looking for your services.

The ultimate outcome of this total marketing management package is a content-rich, keyword-focused website that will generate customers and create consistent growth & income for years to come!

—Think of this as making payments on an asset that you own 100%, with every dollar going towards improving and building it up!

Paid Website Traffic

These are visitors who came to your website because they clicked one of your online ads.

When you're running ads, your website will have traffic. When you pause or stop the ads, your website will have very little traffic.

Organic Website Traffic

These are visitors who found your website from an Internet search (without clicking on any online ads), usually because your website appeared on the 1st or 2nd page of the search results.

Which is better?

Paid traffic will get you immediate results but won't have any long term benefits.

Organic traffic is what you ultimately want, because it means your website is appearing organically to people who are searching for your services, without the need for online ads.

How do I get organic traffic? 

Your website needs to have a lot of written content, with new content being uploaded on a regular schedule. This helps the search engine algorithms understand that your website is intended to be read by a specific sort of person (your ideal customer).

Once the algorithms learn over time, your website will start appearing closer to the top of search results, and eventually you'll be on the 1st page!

Optimizing your website to appear in search results is done via SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. The Domination marketing package is 100% SEO focused (no ads) and will get your website to the top in your local area.

Here's how we test the ads for your contractor business:

When we first create your online advertising campaign, we will create a whole bunch of ads with different things to test, including:

  • Ad Images
  • Ad headings
  • Ad text
  • Ad placement

The idea is to try out a lot of different combinations of these elements to see what people will click on the most.

Google is super smart in this area. The algorithm will mix & match all these different elements to create a ton of possible combinations. These are known as dynamic ads.

  1. Once the ad campaign is set up and ready to roll, our team will publish the ads, and they'll start appearing on the Internet to local people in your area who are looking for your services.
  2. Google will then keep track of what ads get the most clicks & views. All this data is displayed on your Reporting Dashboard, and this helps our team decide what is working and what isn't.
  3. The ads that performed poorly will be cancelled, and the money previously allocated to those ads will go towards the ads that performed well.
  4. The team will then create more ads based on the top performers and continue testing.

As the Google algorithm and our team learns what ads your customers click on the most, your ad campaign will become more & more efficient, and you'll get more & more visitors on your website for the same amount of money spent.

This is called "ad optimization" It ain't rocket science, but it takes some experience and know-how to correctly interpret the data and make smart decisions.

—At Bucksaw we don't rely on hunches or guesses, we only look at data and numbers. You're in good hands.

Search engines like Google use algorithms to determine which websites should show up for any given search on any given topic.

These algorithms take many factors into consideration, such as:

  • How many pages the website has.
  • How often the content is updated.
  • How often new content is added.
  • How many times a certain keyword is used throughout the content.
  • How the website is structured and organized.

With this in mind, there are two things you should know:

1. A one-page or five-page website does NOT have enough content to appear at the top of organic search results.

In this case, paid ads are the perfect solution of getting your website in front of potential customers! The Startup or Expansion package will use paid Google ads and will work with any of our three website packages.

2. For your website to appear at the top of organic search results, you will need a website with 10+ pages of content, and fresh content published on a consistent basis.

We can build you a 100% custom website and with the Domination Marketing Package we can get you to #1 in organic search results!

This is a bit of a process over a period of months, but the rewards are huge, with a never-ending flow of customers, consistent income, & steady growth.

—Gameplan: start with the Startup or Expansion package and move to the Domination package when you're ready!

When you search for a business or keyword on Google, some related businesses will show up in a special area above the search results.

Clicking one of these results will open up an area that shows all the information for that business such as:

  • The business name
  • Blue "Request A Quote" button
  • Phone number
  • URL to their website
  • Hours
  • Address
  • Reviews
  • Posts
  • & more..

For your contractor business to appear in this special area, you need to set up a Google Business Profile. Once set up, your profile needs continual updating & optimizing to keep showing up in search results.

We can manage your Google Business Profile, and write & publish Google posts to keep your profile fresh so it keeps appearing in search results in your local area!

We do NOT hold you to any long-term commitment. - The contract you'll sign is for a 12 month period, but you can cancel any time! We only ask that you give us 30 days notice before cancelling any marketing services.

We do NOT hold you hostage or wave legal papers in your face while demanding your money.

We DO have a Scope Of Work (SOW) document that we would need signed before work can begin.

This SOW document simply defines the amount of work covered by any of the marketing packages, with the understanding that anything extra will be billed separately.

One of our marketing experts will go over this with you in the discovery call. Don't sweat it!

Not a problem!

You will always have 100% ownership to ALL your ad accounts, including all logins and accumulated data.

After you give us your 30-day cancelation notice, we’ll give you all the logins and information you need for a smooth transition. We don’t hold you hostage in any way!

However, we hope to provide you with such a great experience that we’ll work together for years to come 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions

We have built an efficient system for our design processes.

This allows us to focus (and spend more time) on the most important part—creating amazing designs that we are proud to show our clients.

This makes it much easier for us (and you) and we can charge a lower price than we normally would. Win-win!

It depends on which package you choose, but here's the action plan for each:

Brand Identity

  1. You will be directed to your own Member's-Only Dashboard where you can fill out a detailed design questionnaire. Just answer it as best you can and send it back. We'll follow up to clarify anything.
  2. Once all the questions are answered, and we agree on a direction, we'll start working on some concepts for your logo & branding.
  3. You'll get a PDF file sent to you with several initial concepts to choose from. Each concept will be presented in context of how it will be seen in real life.
  4. If you like one of the concepts, we can explore it further and keep tweaking it until you are happy.
  5. If you don't see anything you like, we can create more initial concepts until you see something you want to go with.
  6. Once you approve the final logo, you will get a folder full of all the file types you'll ever need. Whenever you get something designed in the future, just send the whole folder to your designer.
  7. You will also be sent your Brand Style Guide in PDF format. Keep this somewhere safe on your computer.

Business Cards

  1. Same procedure—after you fill out the questionnaire, we will create several initial layouts and concepts for your business cards.
  2. After your feedback/approval we will keep tweaking your chosen design until you're happy.
  3. After your final approval, we will get the cards printed and shipped to the address you provide.

Digital Package

  1. Fill out the questionnaire, and we'll get started.
  2. We will register your desired domain name.
  3. We will set up your custom email address(s) on our server.
  4. We will send you instructions on how to set up your email address(s) on your desktop and smartphone.
  5. We will set up your website platform on our servers and connect it to your website URL.
  6. We will create a nicely designed Coming Soon web page so customers who go to your URL don't see an error message.
  7. We will host your Coming Soon page completely free until you get your full website built!

Website Package

  1. Fill out the detailed questionnaire specifically for your website. Just answer it as best you can and send it back. We'll follow up to clarify anything.
  2. We will use your logo, brand colors, images, and typography to create your website, and arrange your information in the best way for your customers to easily understand what you can do for them.
  3. We will send you a link to your site, and you can get back to us with any comments or revisions.
  4. We will continue to make edits until you are completely satisfied.

Get out there and conquer your industry!

Your Logo & Business Cards:

This means we will keep making initial logo/business card concepts until you see something you like.

This also means we will keep making revisions on your chosen concept until you are satisfied.

Your Website:

This means we will continue to make edits to your website until you are satisfied with it.

Note that this applies so long as we are going in a forward direction, with concepts based on the questionnaire you filled out at the beginning.

What this would NOT cover is if you decide to completely change direction after we have already started moving forward.

However, we fully understand that minds are sometimes changed, and we can definitely create a whole new brand concept. Just be aware that this may mean we will need to charge more for our extra time. 🙂

No sweat, my friend. We'll keep going until you see something you like.

One small word of advice: you are hiring a professional to do what they do best.

Ultimately we will do it how you want, but our best work happens when the client works with us and trusts our experience and skill.

Have you looked at the other Design Packages? They may have what you want.

If not, no problem. Just contact us here and we'll see what we can do!

Stay cool, my friend. Just head on over to the Contact Page.