Custom Logo Design

Your logo is the flagship of your brand

It's also the hardest part to nail down perfectly. Let me create you something you'll be proud of.

  • Carefully researched to accurately represent your business and appeal to your customers.

  • You will receive a logo package with all the file types you'll need for print, web, and social media.

  • Includes an official color palette for your brand.

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Business Cards

The beginning of a new relationship

Do you sometimes bump into people who are potential customers? When you hand them your business card it should make them sit up and take notice.

  • Make a solid first impression they won't forget.

  • Give them a physical item that represents your business and your professionalism. 

  • Get your website URL into your customer's hands so they can look you up later.



  • Standard

    Economical & great for volume

  • Premium

    Noticeably thicker than your average card

  • Luxury

    For the ultimate impression


  • Regular Paper

  • Specialty

    Kraft, Cotton, Cork, & more

  • Wooden

    Thin with colored ink, or thick with laser cut

  • Plastic

    Colored or transparent, Ink or laser cut

  • Metal

    Steel, aluminum, copper. Laser cut


  • Gloss

  • Matte

  • Silk

  • Foil (Gold, Silver)

  • Spot Gloss

  • Embossed

  • Letterpressed

All Printed Items

When a business card is not enough

A brochure or flyer can give your potential customer a quick overview of what you can do for them, with photos and descriptions. Be consistent with branded stationary.

  • Brochures

    Tri-fold or Bi-fold. Folds up into a smaller, more versatile shape.

  • Flyers

    Single or double sided. (Not folded)

  • Stationary

    Postcards, notepads, envelopes, etc.


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Branded Apparel

Your own official clothing line

A uniform automatically makes anyone look professional. Give yourself and your employees the confident look you need on the job.

  • Hats & Toques

    Get your logo embroidered on a hat!

  • Shirts & Hoodies

    Large graphics front or back, plus smaller sleeve graphic.

  • Jackets

    Add your logo in the breast pocket area.

Iron Horse Hat

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Get eyeballs on your business

Your potential customers drive down your local roads every day. Get your services out in front of them!

  • Official Business Signs

    This is the sign in front of your business. Usually made from metal with vinyl graphics.

  • Contractor Signs

    Temporarily placed in front of your job site. Aluminum or corrugated plastic.

  • Road Signs

    Placed on local telephone poles and beside curbs. Made from economical corrugated plastic.


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Vehicle Decals

Advertise everywhere you go!

Tasteful decals and graphics can turn your car or truck into the official company vehicle while still keeping it classy.

  • Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

    Cut from colored vinyl. Looks great on body panels and tinted windows.

  • Printed Vinyl Decals

    Use images, subtle backgrounds, and detailed graphics.

  • Magnetic Decals

    Slap 'em on for work, take 'em off for the weekend.


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Shipping Items & Sending Files

"What if I live far away from you?"

That's not a problem!

Here’s a couple different ways I can work with you.

  • Number - Circle-01B

    Option One

    I can send you all the design files and you can take them to your local printer, sign shop, or vehicle decal installer.

  • Number - Circle-02

    Option Two

    I can work directly with your local printer, sign. Shop, or vehicle decal installer. Just give me their contact info.

  • Number - Circle-03

    Option Three

    I can have your items printed through my own preferred printer and shipped to your door.

Website Design & Build

Get your business online

Your website is like a conversation with your potential customers that happens without you being there. Your business cards, signs, and vehicle decals all point towards it with your URL.

  • Show off your best work with great photography.

  • Describe in detail what you can do for your customers.

  • It works for you 24/7!


Domain Name

This means your website URL, such as

You pay a small yearly fee to keep your domain name.

I will help you choose your domain name and set it up for you.

Hosting Setup

This is the storage space on a server where your website exists.

You pay a monthly or yearly fee to a hosting service to store your website on their servers.

I will set up your hosting account for you.

Custom Email Address(s)

This is a professional email, such as [email protected]

Custom emails are included with your hosting plan, and you can have more than one address.

I will create them for you and help you set them up on your computer and smartphone.

Your Website

  • Desktop & Mobile

    Your website will look good on any screen size. The elements are designed to rearrange themselves on smaller screens for easier reading.

  • Content

    We’ll work together on this. You write what you want to communicate to your customers, and I’ll do some editing to make it sound professional.

  • Photography

    If you have professional photos of your work that’s great, but you can also use your smartphone to take photos and I’ll edit them to look professional.


One-Time Fencing Website

A complete website redesign for a fencing product business. New logo, branding, color palette, and photos.

RussLynn---Website 4

RussLynn Farms Website

A boutique berry farm website with dark wood backgrounds, elegant branding, and photography.


R&G Construction Website

Showcasing construction projects through detailed descriptions and lots of photos.

Ready To Rock?

When you put it all together, you've built a Brand Identity that is easily recognized by your customers and makes you look professional from day one.

Let's get your business off the ground